Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Cat, Brandishing Gun

A man who allegedly stole a cat from a home and subsequently brandished a weapon has been arrested by Vermont State Police.

Forty-nine-year-old Mark Frady of North Troy is being held on $25,000 as he awaits his arraignment on several charges, including for allegedly stealing a cat.

Authorities were called to a residence in North Troy on Jan. 30 after a man reportedly entered a house and later returned, taking a cat. 

On Feb. 1, police were called again for the same subject who had entered the residence. Chris Nelson told officials she woke up to a man named Mark sitting in her basement, who was talking to himself while eating a lollipop, drinking coffee and smoking marijuana. 

The subject in both incidents advised his name was Mark. 

Nelson said this was Mark Frady, who used to live down the street from her. Nelson's son on Monday tried to stop Frady in a blue Toyota Camry, at which time Frady showed him a handgun. 

The cat was returned to its owner unharmed.

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