Vermont Named Best State to Have a Baby, 4 Other New England States in Top 10: WalletHub Study

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut were also among the top 10 states for raising a baby

When it comes to raising babies, there's no better place in the country than Vermont, according to WalletHub.

The Green Mountain State topped the website's list of the best states to have a baby, scoring well in key categories. The state ranked No. 1 in number of pediatricians and family doctors per capita; as well as for the most midwives and OB-GYN per capita.

Vermont also had the most childcare centers per capita, and came in fourth in the nation "family friendliness," WalletHub said. 

The website considered several factors in compiling the list, including birthing costs, annual infant care costs and mortality rate.

Following closely behind Vermont, Massachusetts came in second on the list. 

Massachusetts, which ranked No. 2 overall, was found to have the lowest infant mortality rate in the country. It scored second in both health care and family friendliness.

WalletHub said the Bay State has the fifth-most pediatricians and family doctors per capita. However, the state is among those with the highest average annual infant care costs.

Rhode Island placed fourth overall, coming in second place when it came to "baby friendliness." The Ocean State ranked fifth in health care, but was found to have one of the highest conventional delivery charges.

New Hampshire came in sixth overall, scoring high marks in number of pediatricians and family doctors per capita. Birthing costs are considerably cheaper in New Hampshire than most states, whether it be a conventional birth or by cesarean section. New Hampshire had the fourth-lowest infant mortality rate.

Connecticut was also in the top 10, ranking at No. 9. It was listed as the 12th best state for baby health care.

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