Vermont to Boost Cyber-Security Preparedness

Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a new executive order Tuesday that focuses on boosting cyber-security in the state. 

Gov. Scott, a Republican, created a 10-person cyber-security advisory team, which he wants to keep him up-to-date on readiness, strategy, and planning.

The panel will make recommendations to the governor on how to better protect state information and citizens’ personal data, Gov. Scott’s office said. 

The new team also aims to improve federal and state partnerships to assess digital risks, raise awareness among Vermonters, and attract a top-notch cyber-security workforce. 

Gov. Scott said Vermont must try to stay ahead of emerging threats from hackers. 

"We’re only as strong as our weakest link in terms of cyber-security," Scott said at a news conference Tuesday. “We have a lot of state employees, we have a lot of opportunities for failure in some respects, and that’s why it’s so important that we work together.” 

It’s up to Gov. Scott to appoint the commission, which his office said will include technology and homeland security experts, as well as members of the business, higher education, and utility sectors.

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