Harmony Montgomery

Video Shows Harmony Montgomery's Father Interrogated: ‘Can You Tell Me That She's Alive?'

Adam Montgomery is accused of beating his daughter to death around Dec. 7, 2019 and concealing the body by March 4, 2020

Adam Montgomery being interrogated by Manchester, New Hampshire, police.

Newly obtained police video shows when officers first questioned Adam Montgomery about the disappearance of his daughter, Harmony Montgomery, whom he's now charged with killing.

The footage shows Manchester, New Hampshire, police questioning Montgomery in December 2021, two years after Harmony is believed to have been killed, when she was 5 years old.

After Montgomery was taken into custody, he was questioned repeatedly about Harmony's whereabouts, but doesn't provide any answers, according to the footage obtained by NBC10 Boston.

"I've got nothing else to say," Montgomery says.

Adam Montgomery is facing multiple charges, including murder, in the killing of 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery.

"Hey can you make me a promise? Like, man to man. Can you tell me that she's alive?" one officer replies.

"You're going to play the same word games that they played on me the other day," Montgomery says.

Police on Monday arrested Adam Montgomery, 32, on charges of second-degree murder, abusing a corpse, falsifying evidence and tampering with witnesses. Montgomery is accused of beating his daughter to death around Dec. 7, 2019, and concealing the body by March 4, 2020.

He was due to face the charges in Hillsborough County Superior Court Tuesday, but he waived his arraignment.

Harmony's body has not yet been found.

New Hampshire's attorney general announced the arrest of Adam Montgomery on charges he killed his daughter Harmony in 2019, then disposed of her body.

Harmony was last seen alive in 2019, when she was 5, but her disappearance only came to light in December 2021. Since then, the case has captured the attention of many across New England. Authorities announced in August that they believed she had been murdered.

People in Manchester are now trying to process what police say happened to the girl. Balloons, flowers and stuffed animals were out Tuesday on the sidewalk on Union Street, where Adam Montgomery and his wife, Kayla, used to live — and the scene of an all-day FBI search this summer.

Authorities are still asking for the public's help finding Harmony's body or providing information about how she was killed by calling or texting 603-203-6060, the state and local police 24-hour tip line

"I ask that, in memory of Harmony, we all make every effort to do something nice for a child today," an emotional Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said.

Authorities have determined that Harmony Montgomery was a victim of homicide.

Adam Montgomery was previously indicted on an assault charge alleging that he struck Harmony in the face in July 2019. He’s also accused of unrelated firearms theft charges and has pleaded not guilty.

Her stepmother has also been arrested since Harmony's disappearance. She was charged with lying to investigators looking into Harmony's disappearance, and she was jailed last month for failing to appear for a court hearing.

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