Votes Are In…for More Mild Days

It was a remarkable turnaround in any season.

Temps in the 20s - around 23 in Norwood - catapulted to the upper 60s and low 70s today. Typically we see that kind of return in the spring with cool temperatures at night and strong sun baking the ground in the afternoon.

To see that in November? With a mere 10 hours of daylight?

Flat-out crazy.

In the coming days, the temperatures will settle back a bit - more so going into the weekend. However, with the current setup, there appears to be another cold-to-warm transition in the making.

As a passing cold front moves through tomorrow (with as much as a handful of showers), it will be followed by another on Friday. This embeds the below normal temperatures into New England for a whole day...but no more.

By Sunday, the wind will shift and the warmer air will again rush in. Another day of 60s is on tap as a gusty southwest wind makes for good tailgaiting and a mild afternoon/night at Gillette. (Come visit us at the SNF bus pregame!)

The point I'm making is that this is almost exactly what happened between yesterday and today. Given the time of year and the huge leap in temps, it would be hard to believe it could happen, but we just experienced it...and history is about to repeat itself.

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