Waltham Community Supports Longtime School Cafeteria Worker After Pedestrian Crash

Jill Crisafulli has a long road to recovery after being hit by a car Saturday night in Waltham, Massachusetts

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A beloved cafeteria worker in Waltham, Massachusetts, is recovering after being hit by a car Saturday night.

J.D. Crisafulli says his mom, Jill Crisafulli, has a long road to recovery.

"She's Wonder Woman, and you always think Wonder Woman can't get hurt, she's the cement between the bricks, and we're all really really anxious to get her home," said J.D.

Jill Crisafulli has worked more than 20 years at Waltham High School.

Principal Brenda Peña says she has most recently worked in the staff cafeteria, calling her one of the "superheroes in the school community."

"[She] always greets people with love and care," Peña said.

Crisafulli was crossing Main Street from the town common following the annual holiday tree lighting when she was hit.

"Unfortunately, she has a bad leg, so when she crossed the road, the light was red, but she wasn't quick enough to get to the other side, so didn't quite make it," said her husband, Gary Crisafulli. "With all the confusion all the people around, they didn't see her."

Jill Crisafulli now has a broken wrist and ankle, among other injuries. Her husband says they also had to drain blood in her head.

Crisafulli's daughter, who is still very upset, was nearby, but thankfully wasn't hurt.

The Crisafulli family says they're so thankful for all the support from the Waltham community. Thousands of dollars have been raised for the family.

"We've gotten overwhelming support from the community," Gary Crisafulli said. "It's really nice, heartwarming."

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