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Want to Get Creative in Your Backyard? Try These Fun, Easy Ideas

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Many backyards are getting more use this year. They are a place for kids to run around, adults to grill, soak in the sun, workout, take video name it! When you're running out of ideas and want to get creative, listen up! Maria Sansone has some great ideas to give it new life and make some memories.

First, Summer 2020 is the return of the (socially distant and safe) outdoor dinner party. Molly Shapiro from The Preppy Hostess recommends keeping it simple and festive with great food. Take advantage of the grill so you can talk to people and work at the same time. Maria loved trying some of her recipes as a way to freshen up the party!

*Of course, when hosting please abide by current COVID-19 safety regulations and guidelines.

Next, grab the popcorn and candy and head out for a backyard movie night. Admittedly there is some leg work, but well worth it. All you need are sheets (white and black,) something to hang the sheets (like a curtain rod or towel clips), a projector, seating (pillows, air mattress, beach chairs, etc!), and snacks. Kim Tate suggests adding a black sheet behind the white sheet for a clear image!

Finally, summer isn't complete without s'mores. Get fancy with it and add peanut butter cups and cookies to the table for fun s'more variations.

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