Warming Up to November

Halloween will haunt us with more chill, but the forecast is turning around in the coming days.

First up, the stats. As we finish the month of October, we have put multiple dents in the drought across New England. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Boston, where we've seen almost 5 1/2 inches of rain. That is the most water we've had since December of 2014. Am I ready to call off the drought? Hardly. We need more wet months like this over the next several to banish the drought. Recall that this one started in 2013, so it isn't easily whisked away by a few heavy rainstorms.

Next threat for showers will be on Thursday, but this time around it seems that the focus for the steadiest/heaviest rain may be in Northern New England. Not to say that we come away unscathed here in Southern New England, but it won't be on the order of 1 - 1 1/2 inches either.

Warmup is in order with this incoming rain. Highs will bounce back to the 60s Wednesday and Thursday with a persistent southwest wind. The exception will be in Northern New England where the highs only make the low 50s Thursday due to a developing low on a cool front. That low will shut off the transport of warm air, and keep the North Country in the 50s.

Brisk air follows right into the weekend. There are varying takes on the amount of cool air in the pipeline, however. For now, we'll just leave it at low 50s, but don't be surprised if that number goes up in the coming days.

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