Rand Paul Attends Rally in N.H.

At a low key student rally at the University of New Hampshire, it took Rand Paul less than a minute to launch his first attack, calling Jeb Bush a hypocrite.

He said, "So Jeb Bush went to Andover up here, Wealthy kid wealthy school, I don't have any problem with that. He was smoking pot when he was there, I don't have a problem with that necessarily, however, what I do have a problem with is that he is still for laws putting people in jail for that.

Paul says the hypocrisy is that Bush knows that wealthy kids don't usually go to jail for marijuana but that poor kids do.

Many Paul supporters think Paul, struggling in the polls, should be aiming his criticism at a different candidate who is aggressively and to some degree successfully trying to win over Paul supporters. 

Asked if he feels Cruz is encroaching on his territory, Paul said, "As we look around, the people who supported my dad in New Hampshire and in Iowa - probably 99% of them are supporting my candidacy."

Cruz, who touched on many of Paul's key talking points in the last Republican debate, is now calling for moderators to be Republican Primary voters - a point on which Paul does not agree.

Paul said, "Our leverage should be used to get objective moderators. I don't think they have to be Republican moderators but I'd like to see them at least be moderators but I don't know what party they are."

Paul, a favorite among libertarians, says he's the only true fiscal conservative in the race because unlike his opponents, he says he would cut military spending as well as what he called domestic welfare spending.

Paul said, "What I see going on in Washington is actually an unholy alliance between right and left. Right gets more military spending, left gets more welfare spending, but it's bankrupting the country and making us all weaker. 12:34:48 So I am the only fiscal conservative and that I am willing to cut across the board."

Many of Rand Paul's positions go over well on college campuses including some of his non-interventionist views and his opinion on when it is right to go to war.

Paul said, "I think you'll probably find no other candidate that is less likely to go to war than myself. 03:22. My belief in when we fight is when we are attacked or when we are imminently threatened."

UNH student Griffin Sinclair-Wingate said, "I really like his stance on foreign-policy, you know more piece less violence is a good thing in my book."

And Rand Paul loyalists are confident that some Republican stars, like Donald Trump, will soon be fading and that Paul will peak just as the primaries are approaching.

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