Severe Weather in New England

Tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings impacted parts of New England

Two tornado warnings were issued and then cancelled for parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire Saturday.

Severe thunderstorm warnings also impacted much of New England over the course of the day, leaving some without power.

Tornado warnings were in effect in Worcester County, Franklin County, Essex County and Middlesex County in Massachusetts, as well as Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Although they were cancelled, severe thunderstorm warnings continued to impact those counties into the evening.

Severe thunderstorm warnings also impacted parts of Connecticut and Maine.

In Somerville, Massachusetts, a tree landed on a street, bringing down power lines and landing on a Jeep.

Sean Sullivan

"When I first came out, the street was blocked off by a tree that was down," said resident Sean Sullivan. "Suddenly, the shower of sparks just came up from the ground, from the live wires on the ground."

Some remained without power on Sunday morning, the majority of them being in Essex County, which is located north of Boston along the coast of Massachusetts.

Thankfully, no actual tornadoes were reported Saturday. But the National Weather Service reminds anyone in areas impacted by tornado warnings not to wait until they see one - people should take cover in a basement or the lowest part of a sturdy building and stay away from windows. 

If you are outside during a tornado warning, seek shelter and protect yourself from debris.

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