Water Park Sit-in Dries Up

Despite spending 17 days chained to a water slide, a New Hampshire business owner's efforts to save his theme park have failed.

Kevin Dumont, 46, made a desperate push to keep ownership of Liquid Planet in Candia, which he says will be auctioned next week. He chained himself to the top of the water slide's tower.

"I am doing this in a last ditch effort to save all that I have created," he said in a Facebook post earlier this month. "The bank has foreclosed on me and is auctioning the property on December 2nd so I am staying up here to try and save it."

Wednesday, just a day before Thanksgiving, Dumont posted that he had been unable to find anyone to help pay off the $1.6 million bank loan.

"It is with profound sadness that I must tell you that my attempts to find a partner in time to save the waterpark from auction has failed," he wrote. "I tried my best to have the auction delayed but unfortunately I could not make it happen. Additionally, my health has been on the decline this week and a doctor who came by yesterday thinks I am developing pneumonia."

Dumont said he went down the stairs rather than taking a final trip down the slide.

"I experienced a few moments of loneliness and sadness but mostly overwhelming love and gratitude for the support you all have shown to me," Dumont said of his 17 days chained to the equipment. "I know I have lost this battle but I also know I tried my best. I think my parents would be proud of me."

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