Falmouth Road Race

We Challenged Falmouth Road Race Runners to a Scavenger Hunt. Here's What Happened

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The Falmouth Road Race: At Home Edition kicks off this weekend. Runners from all over New England are preparing to hit the pavement in their own neighborhoods, including the elite runners. Runners have until August 29 to run or walk a total of seven miles.

Gearing up for this year's race are four Falmouth favorites: Molly Seidel, Diane Nukuri, Ben Flanagan, and Abdi Abdirahman.

They took a few minutes to chat with Colton Bradford about hidden talents, coffee orders, and go-to dance moves.

Once the ice was broken, Colton challenged the crew to an at-home scavenger hunt. With a list of running-related items, they scrambled to find everything as fast as possible. With standout moments from Diane using her Falmouth trophy, Molly grabbing a Falmouth hat, Abdi finding a race bib, and Ben finding two race bibs!

Ultimately, Ben and Diane were crowned the winners. While they won the "warmup," now they all prepare for the race on the roads!

For more information on the 2020 Falmouth Road Race visit their website.

Watch more of the scavenger hunt here.

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