Weather Special: Lightning Storms, Tornadoes, Flash Floods, Hurricanes

Matt Noyes gives advice on how to be prepared for severe weather

New England residents see all kinds of severe weather in the summer, such as lightning storms, tornadoes, flash floods, and hurricanes.

NECN meteorologist Matt Noyes gave advice on how to be prepared for these weather events.

In lightning storms, it is recommended that people go indoors or inside a car, stay off of corded appliances and phones, and stay out of water.

When it comes to tornadoes, a basement or ditch is the safest place to be. It is not recommended to be in a car, below an underpass, or near any windows.

It is important to know that it takes six inches of water to sweep a car away, so if you’re heading towards a flooded area, turn around. Water is also capable of stalling cars.

Lastly, when preparing for a hurricane, be sure to take pictures for insurance, get plywood and a generator, and emergency food and water. Boaters should also invest in boat lines and fenders.

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