Weekend Has That Sinking Feeling

It's here! The weekend...

and..the rain?

Yep. Hopes are high too. We have rain in the forecast, and we've slipped into severe drought (according to the US Drought Monitor) across parts of New England.

We've been advertising this wet weather since the beginning of the week, and although it looked like a good soaking was in order, each day closer to the event has seen less and less rain. We're down from the 2-3 inch event the models had suggested on Monday, to a mere quarter to half inch now.

While we won't look a gift horse in the mouth, this is not really what we signed up for. Compound that with the fact that the rain falls on a both weekend days, and it can be downright frustrating. Can't do anything about it, so we'll take what we can get.

Now for the fine print. Timing the wet weather out on this type of weather system is nearly impossible. Tiny, weak showers, coastal mist, and sprinkles are all possible and likely. What we won't see is a soaking rain every minute of both days. Think spotty, with lots of dry hours.

That said, Sunday is looking wetter than Saturday. And Saturday night could feature our best chance at a steady rain. By the time the "storm" (loose interpretation) moves away on Sunday night, we'll be left wanting.

Especially when we are staring down the prospects of a heat wave next week. Southwest winds will pump up the humidity as well. We'll rocket from 70s on Monday back to the mid and upper 80s on Tuesday. Ready the A/C and fans!

Have a good, safe weekend.

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