Weirs Drive-In Faces Final Season

The New Hampshire landmark is up for sale and could be torn down

The Weirs Drive-In Theater was one of the first to open in New Hampshire back in 1948, now it's one of the last standing.

Most of the equipment pre-dates World War II, according to Kevin Baldi, but the movies are today's blockbusters.

Baldi doesn't just work at the theater, he grew up there. "As a little 2-year-old kid, I used to go and wake Daddy up. 'Hey the bell is ringing, we have to do a film change.'"

Now the theater, owned by his grandmother, is on the market. Baldi says attendance isn't what it used to be, and it would cost more than $350,000 to make the necessary switch to digital this summer. Furthermore, his grandmother is starting to get old into her 70s.

Baldi's grandmother is asking $2.5 million for nearly 13 acres of prime real estate, zoned for anything from condos, to retail, even a theme park.

After nearly 70 years, it's likely this is the final season at the Weirs Drive-In. When asked if there is any chance it could be saved, Baldi said it would take a miracle. 

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