Welcome 2017: Mild Air for Now, Some Rain on the Way

As another year fades into memory (thankfully so for some), the focus in the weather world remains on whether or not we will lock into a consistent pattern this winter.

So far, it's been a series of ups & downs - peppered with a snow event or two. In the Pacific, we've seen El Nino fade to its opposite, La Nina. In the Atlantic, the cold pool of water (from melting glaciers due to global warming) has been washed out. What's left is very little "forcing" from the world's oceans to drive the global weather patterns. 

Is there any sign this will change in the next two months? Not really. We should see La Nina continue to strengthen, so there's a possibility that the winter will consistently trend milder and be a little wetter, with the cold and snow dividing time between the High Plains and the Rockies. However, that's not to say we couldn't get some storminess here in New England. After all, it took all of 3-4 hours to boil up a barn-burnering nor'easter Thursday night. Whoomp there it is.

In the interim, we're siding with the mild air...and the rain. Next storm up is on Tuesday - perfectly timed to bring on the water for the morning ride. While it is wet, most of the heavy rain may fall over the fish with this storm. Nonetheless, the wind will be increasing, along with the temps near the coast. 50s will be in play on Wednesday as we wait for the shoe to drop and the cold to arrive later in the week.

We've been playing cat and mouse with a potential storm late next week. Right now, the storm is off, but like I've said in the past, the storms that show up on the map 6-8 days out you don't have to worry about. The ones that show up 2-3 days out you do.

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