Wetter AND Hotter Days Ahead


I don't want to call it a wholesale pattern change, but it certainly looks more favorable for rain in the next 7-10 days.

I know, just as you take your vacation to the beach or the lake, right?

Well, these aren't washed out days just yet. Although the forecast could lean in that direction early next week, it doesn't currently look like it. That said, we are thinking that the downpours will be significant, and flooding is certainly possible as these storms roll through.

Yeah, I said flooding. In the middle of an epic (perhaps decades-long) drought. Dry, hard ground and heavy rain are the perfect recipe for heavy runoff and flooding. Here's hoping we can keep that to a minimum in the long range.

Now for the details...

Rain and storms sweep from west to east throughout the morning (west) and early afternoon (east) tomorrow. Temps still make the low 80s, but fall in the afternoon as the humidity skyrockets.

Withering heat will move in from Thursday to Saturday as highs soar to the 90s and humidity pushes the heat index (what it feels like outside) to 100-105 degrees! Take it slow and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

After a pause Thursday, thunder will again be possible both Friday and Saturday, mainly in the afternoons. More significant rain is possible on Sunday and Monday as a front stalls overhead, but we'll be on the cooler side of the fence, so temperatures should slump back to the 70s by then.

So...the bottom line: we are finally going to get a drink of water. Remains to be seen whether this pattern change will stick and how much of a dent it puts in the drought.

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