What Was That?

Some rain, then some sun. That was the Sunday forecast I gave last Friday. What evolved was a wind-driven all-day rain event that put a serious dent in the merciless drought across Eastern New England.

Thankfully, our meteorologist Chris Gloninger caught onto the trend Saturday night and went in whole hog with the gusts to 50 on the Cape/Islands and 1-3 inches of rain. Moisture streaming north from Matthew was captured by a cool front and wrung out over Eastern New England. Surely foiled the Sox game and any Sunday afternoon plans, but not a lot of people complained. After such a hot, dusty summer, how could you?

The pattern ahead is acting like nothing even happened over the weekend. Sunny stretch is coming, with a few interruptions of clouds - and the remote possibility of a shower or two.

In the meantime, chilly air settles in tonight. Lows will fall to the 20s and 30s in the colder suburbs and all across Northern New England as the growing season comes to an end for many towns and cities.

Blue skies may be hindered tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday as a batch of high clouds drifts through, otherwise it's clear sailing until Thursday with that cool front and its attendant showers.

No tropical connection this time, so I've pegged the chances for rain at a measly 30%. Another shot of cool air will carry us into the weekend.

Enjoy and GO SOX!!!

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