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Which Rosé Is Right for You?

TJ Douglas, Owner of The Urban Grape, explains how to pick the perfect rose based on your preferences

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Rosé is a popular summer sip, but how much do you really know? TJ Douglas, Owner of The Urban Grape in Boston’s South End, explains that it's very versatile and can really fit any palette. First of all, it's not from a specific grape or region, it's simply a very light red wine, from anywhere. Many people think that because it’s light it must be sweet, but that’s not the case. They can be heavy and round, sweet and light, or anywhere in between.

TJ explains that the best way to know the bottle that’s right for you is by asking yourself this question: what type of cocktail do I like?  If you like rich Manhattans, you will likely lean towards a darker, rounder rosé. TJ suggests 2019 Christina Zweigelt Rose. Or, if you prefer tart Moscow Mules the lighter, sweeter roses will suit you better. For this, TJ recommends 2019 Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Rose.

For more information about The Urban Grape and picking the right wine for your taste, visit their website.

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