Wife of NH Man Who Drowned Saving His Dog Speaking Out

Jacques Savoie of Hudson, New Hampshire died while trying to rescue his dog.

In a matter of a minute - her life changed forever.

That's how Debbie Savoie describes the moment she watched her husband drown trying to save their beloved dog, Nanu.

"She still looks for him," Savoie said in an exclusive interview with NECN Thursday.

For the first time in 15 years, Nanu here can't find her dad.

"I think she's just so lost, the first night she was crying all night long," Savoie said.

But even Nanu's pain can't compare to the heartache of losing your spouse of 25 years.

"More than half of my life was with just him...my best friend," Savoie said.

Sunday Evening was the last time Debbie Savoie saw her husband, Jacques.

They were in their small power boat on the Pemigewasset River with their bird and their four beloved beagles, when Nanu lost her balance and fell overboard.

"He did what anybody would do, he dove off side of boat to get his little girl," Savoie said.

She says Jacques started struggling with Nanu on his chest, so she jumped in after her husband and felt the strength of the current.

"I was struggling to get back to boat and keep eye on him, and when I went to get back in boat, I saw him go down for the second and last time," Savoie explained.

Divers recovered Jacques body Monday morning.

"My whole world flipped right upside down," she said.

The reason Jacques jumped in after Nanu is because she has a giant, cancerous tumor that makes it hard for her to swim.

The couple never had children, but to Jacques Nanu was his baby.

"He would've done it again in a second," Savoie said. "Knowing that his little girl got to shore, that's all he needed to know."

Through some of her darkest days, Debbie finds hope holding memories close to heart...and Nanu even closer.

"Cherish and love the ones you have when you have them because you don't know when they are going to be gone," she said hugging Nanu.

To help Debbie, Nanu, and the rest of Jacques family, go to Go Fund Me Page. 

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