Will New England Be Impacted by Hurricane Gaston?

After a slow start to the season, the tropical Atlantic is suddenly heating up

After a slow start to the season, the tropical Atlantic is suddenly heating up. 

Hurricane Gaston is spinning well to the east of Bermuda, Tropical Depression 8 is approaching the Carolina coast, and Tropical Depression 9 is moving from the Florida Keys to the Gulf of Mexico. Both tropical depressions will continue to strengthen this week, meaning we'll likely have both Tropical Hermine and Ian in short order. 

The storm approaching the Carolinas will graze the Outer Banks with some rain and gusty winds before then curving northeast and missing New England to the south. 

The system in the Gulf will bring heavy rain to parts of Florida this week before it to generally moves to the northeast. 

While many crave the tropical rain these systems could offer New England, we'll largely miss out. The biggest impact we'll see is along the coast. Waves will kick up offshore Monday and Tuesday, exceeding 5 feet in some cases, meaning we'll find some enhanced surf as well. Any time we get these tropical swells arriving the risk of rip currents also increases. That will be the case this week. 

In terms of rain, our chances of precipitation are limited for the next several days. 

A spot shower is possible on Monday as a cold front moves through New England, but behind that front on Tuesday we'll be right back to beautiful sunshine and highs around 80. 

Another front moves through on Wednesday and Thursday, resulting in a few more pop up showers or storms, but those too will be hit and miss. Many towns will miss out entirely as the drought continues to deepen. 

The holiday weekend looks terrific weather-wise as well. Sunshine, low humidity, and pleasant temperatures will dominate the forecast.

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