Wind Driven Rain Sunday Morning

Some flooding possible with 1-3” coming

FloodWatch michaelpage

 In many cities and towns across New England, 4th of July celebrations begin this weekend. Unfortunately the weather won’t cooperate for many early festivities.

An area of low pressure will move towards us beginning on Saturday with increasing clouds. Most places will stay dry all day Saturday, but in Western New England a few showers will arrive as early as 7-10 PM. As a result, fireworks in Western and Central Massachusetts may run into trouble Saturday night. Meanwhile, in Eastern Massachusetts, Saturday night fireworks should be able to just beat the rain.

After midnight the rain will become heavier and more widespread, just like last weekend. That continues right into Sunday morning. During that time expect numerous downpours, and even some thunderstorms, to advance through New England from southwest to northeast. The heaviest rain will shift out of Southern New England after about 2 PM, but for the rest of the day it will stay mostly cloudy with a few lingering scattered showers. The steady rain will persist well into the afternoon across much of Northern New England. Many towns will pick up 1-3” of rain. Because of that, a Flood Watch is in effect for Western Massachusetts, most of Vermont, and Northern Maine. Rivers and streams will likely enter minor flood there, where several inches of rain has already fallen this month.

It will also be quite windy, particularly near the coast. Gusts there will reach 40-50 MPH at times, so a Wind Advisory is in effect.

Temperatures will be rather split across the region too, with chilly highs in the 50s and 60s in Northern New England. In Southern New England the air will be a bit more humid with highs in the 60s and 70s.

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