Wind Howls, Then Temps Climb

Wind Howls, Then Temps Climb


If you gorged on sweets yesterday, weather today was apropos for a post-Easter sugar crash: cool and rainy.

All told, between 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch of rain fell in Southern New England. Good soaking before we dry out - and gradually warm up - in the coming days.

Tomorrow, however, the look is a familiar one for a wind event in New England. Upper low is intensifying, cold air is being drawn in, and sun will be thrown in the mix. The last item is important, because the strong late-March sun will act to make the air more turbulent via what we call mixing. It's for this reason we feel that 45-50mph wind gusts may be justified. Rewind back to January with the same setup (and a much lower sun angle), and the winds would not be as fierce.

Some minor blackouts are possible as limbs and/or power lines come down. This is an all-day event, so don't expect winds to ramp down in the afternoon.

We're in good graces for the remainder of the workweek in regards to temperatures. Warmth will spike on Thursday and Friday as we flirt with 70s. Unfortunately, we will see the winds return (at least on Thursday) which will hinder the warmth in Southeast Massachusetts and Coastal Maine.

Colder shot of air is still coming by late weekend...we'll certainly pay the piper for that warm snap on Thursday and Friday.


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