Winds, Waves and Snow Strike Shores

Coastal communities in New England took another beating Sunday when blizzard-like conditions hit the region.

Scituate, Massachusetts, saw howling winds, heavy snow and high surf.

"The wind was howling all night," said resident David O'Leary. "Didn't sleep much."

Fears of flooding prompted Mike O'Brien to move his car to higher ground.

Last blizzard, there were six feet of water on Jericho Road and part of the seawall gave way. This time, thankfully, there was only minor flooding, and the lights stayed on.

Plows were out all morning, keeping these seaside roads passable. Strong winds made driving very difficult - at times, visibility was down to zero.

"I think everyone is getting tired of it," said resident Nick Vantine. "There's not many places to put the snow."

Most of that snow ended up in even larger piles. Even storm-hearty Scituate residents ready for some calmer weather.

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