Winter Pattern Springs To Life

The bottom literally dropped out this weekend. In a "flurry" of activity, a storm went berserk, a massive amount of cold air surged into the Northeast, and the winds howled to swirl it all around.

That's how we do it in New England.

As the storm continues north, the snow showers will eventually wind down, but not before some isolated spots (mostly west-facing mountain slopes) tally up to two feet!

So now that we're in winter, you'd expect there's no looking back now, right? Hang on. It's not MID winter. This was just a freakish event that brought in the cold. And just as quickly as it moved in, it could move out.

But that will take time. 40s return to some locations in Southern New England tomorrow, while in the snow-caked north we're still in the 30s. Gusty winds will be slow to ease in the next two days, staying near 40 mph tomorrow and 15-20 mph on Wednesday.

The focus remains on the holiday weekend, however, and although Thanksgiving looks gray and a bit iffy, I'm not seeing a lot of travel headaches at this point.

A weak storm ripples by in the jet stream on Turkey Day, and it should just be enough to sprout a few rain and snow showers. Some spots could come away with a coating, while others just see a few fleeting showers/snow showers.

Saturday has our attention though. A stronger storm may move off Nantucket and wrap some snow in Maine. Issues? We have a few. The temps look marginal at this point, and the track remains uncertain (what else is new?).

Plenty of time to sort out the details. You just focus on the feast.

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