Winter Whimpers

Winter is officially here!

But what happened to the real cold?

If you care - or simply are keeping track - it has pulled back all the way to Hudson Bay, to recharge and come back another day.

Rhyming aside, this is a pattern that isn't conducive to snow, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're only getting rain in the coming days. There's juuust enough cold tomorrow for some slight accumulation outside 495 and into Western Mass. Cold is a little deeper in Northern New England, so there we could see as much as 1-2" in spots.

Certainly not enough to cause alarm, but also not enough to brush off. Although that's exactly what some may be doing on their car tops in Maine, NH and VT.

As our weak weather system exits over the Gulf of Maine, it could get a boost from the ocean and develop into a sturdy little storm. Eastern Maine has the best chance for the highest accumulations (3-4") in this event.

Next up is the rain for Saturday. Not a solid washout, mind you, but wet enough for puddles. Northern New England will see the wet snow once again before everyone dries out for Santa's arrival.

Speaking of, nothing Earth-shattering for Christmas this year. Sunshine and 40s - smooth sailing on the roads and in the air (at least regionally).

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