Winter’s Swan Song

Spring Dominates The Pattern


After a spring-like weekend, it's time to take stock on the winter...

...that really wasn't.

I know, I know. We're not completely out of the woods - especially with some snow in the forecast tomorrow evening - but from what I'm seeing, we have more spring than winter in the next 7-10 days.

Since December 1st, we've seen 7 days of 60 or better: 5 in December, (zero in January) and two so far this month. That in of itself is incredible. Lest we forget, it was 69 on Christmas Eve.

In that same time period, we only had 11 days with highs below freezing. Again, another remarkable feat considering how cold the finish to winter was last year.

El Nino? Climate Change? How about a little of both? It's both remarkable and a bit unnerving that every month this winter has averaged above normal - even with the recent record cold. In the coming week, there isn't even enough cold air around to keep the high temperatures sub-freezing for more than a day.

That screams spring to me.

In the near term, however, winter is driving the bus. Snow will break out tomorrow evening and deposit a coating to 2 inches in spots before we see a change to ice and rain toward Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, the turn to wet weather isn't smooth like last Friday night. Instead, cold air will stubbornly hold through Central Mass. and create slippery conditions and frozen windshields for the morning drive. We'll spend Wednesday afternoon in the fog, drizzle and freezing drizzle as our warm front stalls overhead.

Eventually, the warmth with come with the second part of this weather system on Thursday. Gusty south winds - as high as 50mph - will hurl the 50s and possibly 60 degree warmth into Southern New England. It will be accompanied by torrential morning rain and a possible thunderstorm. Partial clearing in the afternoon will help us make a run at the record high of 65 in Boston.

In essence, prepare for more "winter".

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