Wintry Mix Likely for New England This Week

Get ready for the next round of wintry weather

After being in the 60s on Monday, we are already preparing for our next round of wintry weather!

Colder air is moving back in Monday night and settles over us Tuesday. This cold dome of air will be in place just as the next batch of warmer tries to move back into the Northeast. Warmer air will ride up over the cold to form clouds on Tuesday. Eventually, the wintry mix will arrive with a warm front which will direct much milder air back into New England on Wednesday.

[[284375921, C]]

We are forecasting a light wintry mix of light snow, sleet and freezing rain to begin late Tuesday afternoon in western Connecticut and western Massachusetts during the evening commute. This mix will continue to push deeper into the region and continue through the overnight.

[[284376201, C]]
[[284376421, C]]

Expect the light snow and sleet begin in western New England between around 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday. The precipitation should begin to reach the coast by 8 p.m.. Temperatures will be warm enough across eastern Massachusetts and the coast that most of the precipitation will fall as rain. Farther inland, especially Worcester in the west, temperatures will be cold enough to allow a brief burst of snow during the evening hours with minor accumulations especially above 1,000 feet. Snow accumulations will be light (between a coating to 2 inches). This will result in slippery travel overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday morning, with the worst conditions likely across northwest Massachusetts and southwest New Hampshire. Any wintry snow or sleet will begin to change to rain after midnight, with mostly showers left in southern New England for the overnight and early morning hours Wednesday.

Northern New England is a different story. The colder air will be deeper across the north and will hold on longer during the early morning hours of Wednesday. Several inches of snow will fall especially between the hours of 10 p.m.-3 a.m. Lower elevations will likely see a few inches before a change over to sleet and freezing rain, then eventually over to rain Wednesday morning. This weather will likely have the National Weather Service issue a Winter Weather Advisory for Tuesday Night.

[[284377051, C]]
[[284377361, C]]

The higher elevations and mountains will likely see the worst of the snow with the Green and White Mountains picking up close to 3-6 inches of snow by Wednesday morning.

[[284377531, C]]

Lower elevations will see a coatings to 3 inches of snow on the front end with more of an icy mix on top of the snow. Ice accumulations of 1/10 to 1/4 of an inch is possible

[[284377751, C]]

So we will have to watch the commutes for this oncoming batch of wintry weather. There will be some impact on the evening commute in the Hartford/Springfield areas, and toward the end of the evening commute in Worcester, Providence, Boston and Nashua/Manchester. Wednesday mornings commute will be mild with warming temps. Most will have showers to start the morning. But in the North Country, north of Laconia and North of Augusta, Maine, temps will be borderline near freezing. After a wintry early morning, we will definitely be prepared for an icy start to the day, but conditions will be quick to improve Wednesday as temps warm into the 40's and 50's as showers will diminish. 

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