Wintry Mix of Snow, Ice For Some Monday

Most impacts to be found in Maine


After an extended near-record warm stretch, more traditional December weather will make a return to New England on Monday, but only for some areas.

An area of low pressure moving in from the Mid-West will bring clouds, and another day of highs in the 50s for Southern New England on Monday. Aside from a few spotty showers, most of the day will be dry until a heavier and steadier batch of rain moves in Monday night.

In the deeper valley locations of Northern New Hampshire, as well as Northern and Western Maine, however, pockets of freezing rain will develop as early as dawn on Monday. The freezing rain will result in icy roads right through the day, particularly for Franklin, Oxford, and Somerset Counties in Maine. While it may warm a bit Monday night, allowing for a period of plain rain, cold air will wrap back in as the storm winds down early on Tuesday. That may again briefly switch the precipitation back to a wintry mix.

In the Crown of Maine, expect similar conditions. Freezing rain will create slick spots as early as Monday morning, and in a few spots, it may be cold enough for a little snow. The wintry mix continues through the day, and into early Tuesday. As the cold air wraps in behind the storm, expect the precipitation to end as more snow. The odds of snow accumulation, on the order of a few inches, are highest right near the Canadian border.

Remember, it just takes a touch of freezing drizzle to create ice and hazardous travel. In some portions of Northern and Western Maine, as much as 0.25" of ice will accumulate. While that is enough to create slick travel, it's unlikely to result in widespread power outages.

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