Woman Struck by Lightning Dies

A 61-year-old woman from Thompson, Conn., died after being struck in Ipswich, Mass.; another woman is in critical condition

UPDATE: Police announced on Sept. 15 that the women were not swimming when they were struck, but walking toward the street on the beach.

A woman has died after being struck by lightning Saturday in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Officials confirmed Monday that 61-year-old Marguerite Tomany of Thompson, Connecticut, had died.

A 69-year-old woman from Concord, Massachusetts, who was also struck Saturday, is in critical condition.

Police confirmed Saturday that the two women were swimming at the time of the lightning strike.

"The storm arrived quickly and without warning," said Jonathan Hubbard of Ipswich Police. "They had no time to get out of the water.

Neither victim had a heartbeat when responders arrived. Lifeguards and first responders performed CPR for about 20 minutes, and both women had pulses by the time they arrived at Beverly Hospital.

The victims were later transported to Massachusetts General Hospital.

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