Woman Injured After Lightning Strikes House

Christine Poore will be alright after electricity wnet through her body when lightning struck her house

Severe weather swept through Maine Wednesday afternoon. It hit parts of Cumberland County hard: in particular, one house in Gorham.

Gorham firefighters said a bolt of lightning hit a house on Main Street around 3 p.m.

An electrician surveying the damage said the lightning hit a ground wire, sending an electrical current through the house, blowing out appliances.

Christine Poore was standing in front of her bathroom mirror when the lightning hit.

"This loud crack and flame shot through the bathroom, through the dome in the light bulb. It danced around in the bathroom sink and went down the drain," said Poore.

The electricity also went through her body - and sent her to hospital. Other than some blisters on her feet, she said she should be okay.

"I'm upset," said Poore. "I'm just glad the kids are okay and the house wasn't burning down. I was really freaked out."

Family members said some appliances were damaged, but the house did not suffer any physical damage.

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