Woman Mauled by Bear in Her Yard in Vermont

It's the second bear attack reported in recent months in the state

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A woman was mauled by a black bear in her own yard on Wednesday in Winhall, Vermont, but was able to escape serious injury, officials said.

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife told WPTZ-TV that 43-year-old Sarah Dietl was attacked by a bear in the yard of her condominium complex near Stratton Mountain Resort just after letting her dog out.

Dietl told wildlife officials that her Shih Tzu chased a bear cut that was in the yard up a tree, which triggered the attack.

She said the bear cub's mother then charged her and knocked her to the ground. Dietl's partner heard her calling for help and was able to separate her fro the bear and bring her inside their home.

When the couple then attempted to get their dog to come inside as well, the bear charged at the door. Fortunately, it wasn't able to get inside.

Dietl called 911 and police and game wardens responded. She was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for injuries to her head, hand and side. She was released Thursday morning.

Wildlife officials searched the neighborhood for the bear but have been unable to find it.

The dog was later found uninjured.

This is the second bear attack to be reported in recent months in Vermont. Back in August, a woman was attacked by a black bear while walking her two dogs on trials on her property in Strafford.

The 61-year-old woman suffered a bit wound to her leg and multiple scratches, but was otherwise OK.

Wildlife officials said at the time that the bear was a female with cubs who was likely provoked when the woman and her dogs surprised them. They were unable to find the bear.

Bear attacks are rare in Vermont, but encounters with the large animals are on the rise. Wildlife officials said they have received hundreds of reports this year of bear encounters this year alone, including some who have attmpted to break into area homes.

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