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Woman Snatched From T Station and Raped: Court Docs Detail Horrific Ordeal

"This is me going out into the world and getting a date," Christian Lynch allegedly told police, according to court documents

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In a case that prosecutors have described as horrifying, a 26-year-old man faces charges for allegedly kidnapping a woman from an MBTA station in Quincy and repeatedly raping her.

Authorities say a routine trip to the train station for the victim on her way to work turned into a horrifying abduction.

The 64-year-old woman who was targeted was reported missing by her friend over the weekend, who said she has a very regimented schedule and catches the train to work at Wollaston Station, according to authorities.

Quincy Man Behind Bars

Court documents describe the victim's horrifying ordeal, where she was beaten, strangled, handcuffed and brutally raped.

Christian Lynch is accused of forcing the woman into his car, and then repeatedly raping her both in his car and at a home.

"When the defendant was finished sexually assaulting her, he helped put her pants back on and adjusted the duct tape to again cover her eyes and mouth," prosecutors said in court Monday.

The woman was eventually found in the parking lot of a Lowe's in Brockton, where she was still duct taped and was screaming.

Christian Lynch, 26, is accused of abducting the victim from the Wollaston T stop Saturday morning, raping her repeatedly in his car and in a home, and then dumping her at the parking lot of Lowe's in Brockton that night. Prosecutors said he duct taped and handcuffed the victim's hands and feet, and that she was still duct taped when she was found screaming in the parking lot.

'She Thought She Was Going to Die'

"She told officers she thought she was going to die," a prosecutor said during Lynch's court appearance in Quincy Monday.

According to court documents, Lynch allegedly told police he did this because he was tired of swiping on dating apps, saying, "This is me going out into the world and getting a date."

Not Lynch's First Arrest

Lynch was held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing next week. It wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney who could speak to the charges.

NBC10 Boston has also learned that Lynch was arrested less than a month ago for allegedly exposing himself to people on a Quincy walking trail.

Community on Edge

News of the assault has more women who travel to the Quincy T station looking over their shoulders.

"I need to get some pepper spray or something like that," said Megan McNulty. "Just God forbid something like that would happen."

"My daughter is 17. I would definitely not feel comfortable with her taking the train after this story," another commuter said.

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