You're Getting Hotter

Felt that little nudge of fall this morning? Lows bottomed out in the mid 40s in the cool spots of Lunenburg, Bedford and Taunton! While the summer sun was up early to erase the chill (before most of us were up), the signal is clear: the hot days are numbered.

That's not to say they are out, however. Heat will build back into New England in the coming days. First without the humidity, then with plenty of reserves by Friday.

Once again, a front will approach late Thursday and Friday with its "chance" of thunder. And once again, I do not see a widespread rain across New England. We'll be tracking isolated or scattered storms with a probability of getting hit at 30-40%.

Same old, same old there, but a new front is opening up in the tropics as a sizeable storm - with the techy name of Invest 99L - charges through the Lesser Antilles east of Puerto Rico. There's also Gaston, on the verge of a hurricane far off the African Coastline. Both have potential, but Invest 99L has my attention.

If we follow the forecasts into next week, the weather maps put this storm off the Florida coast sometime in the middle of next week. If we also let this play out, some of the storm's remnants could get pulled into the Northeast.

But honestly, I have no right to speculate on the path/placement of a tropical system 10 days away. It's junk science in that respect. So, we'll sit tight and let the forces of nature unfold, all with a keen eye on the outcome.

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