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10 ID'd as High-Risk After Contact With Dallas Ebola Patient: CDC

High risk patients to be monitored twice daily until incubation period passes



    10 ID'd as High-Risk After Contact With Dallas Ebola Patient: CDC
    NBC 5 News
    A Dallas apartment visited by a man who was diagnosed with Ebola is cleaned by a decontamination crew on Oct. 3, 2014.

    The number of people who need to be monitored after having contact with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has dropped to 50, the Centers for Disease Control said during a conference call Friday.

    On Thursday, the CDC said it had a list of about 100 people who had contact with Duncan and that they all needed to be interviewed and possibly monitored to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

    Ten of the 50 people remaining on the list are considered high risk, while the other 40 are now considered low risk.

    They are all being monitored daily and having their temperatures taken. Those who are high risk are to meet with a public health official twice a day to have their temperature taken and to be monitored for symptoms through the 21-day incubation period.

    There are no other confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States at this time, and no one who has come into contact with Duncan is presenting symptoms of the disease.

    The CDC has 10 disease control experts working in Dallas to ensure the virus is contained.

    The CDC is aware of a report out of Washington, D.C., where a person is being tested for Ebola, but those test results have not yet been confirmed.

    On Friday, Duncan's nephew told NBC News that Duncan was still in serious condition but that he appeared to be getting better.

    Meanwhile, the apartment Duncan stayed at upon arrival in Dallas until last Sunday was finally being cleaned and decontaminated Friday by a hazardous materials crew.

    A Dallas County official apologized to the family Duncan was staying with for the amount of time it has taken to remove soiled items from the apartment. The family that lives at the apartment has been quarantined and will be moved to another location Friday afternoon.

    A car outside of the apartment was wrapped in dark plastic and sealed, presumably to be towed away from the location.