10 Most Popular Baby Names in Connecticut for 2016

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A 4-day-old newborn baby, who has been placed under a window by the photographer, lies in a baby bed in the maternity ward of a hospital (a spokesperson for the hospital asked that the hospital not be named) on August 12, 2011 in a city in the east German state of Brandenburg, Germany. According to data released by Eurostat last week Germany, with 8.3 births per 1,000 people, has the lowest birth rate in all of Europe. Eastern Germany, which not only suffers from a low birth rate, also has a declining population due to young people moving away because of high unemployment in the region. Europe as a whole suffers from a low birth rate and a growing elderly population. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
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In 2016, 222 babies were named Noah and 210 were named Olivia in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 200 babies were named James and 193 were named Charlotte in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 197 babies were named Michael and 189 were named Mia in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 191 babies were named Liam and 186 were named Ava in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 182 babies were named Jacob and 179 were named Isabella in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 182 babies were named William and 172 were named Sophia in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 178 babies were named Benjamin and 169 were named Emma in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 178 babies were named Mason and 145 were named Abigail in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 177 babies were named Alexander and 132 were named Amelia in Connecticut.
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In 2016, 175 babies were named Lucas and 122 were named Emily in Connecticut.
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