10-Year-Old Massachusetts Boy Helps Save Baby Brother From Choking

Ben Doctoroff dashed out of the house in search of help without even pausing to put on his shoes

A 10-year-old Massachusetts boy is being called a hero for working with rescue crews when his infant brother began choking on food.

The Doctoroff brothers of Brookline are very protective of their little brother, Zachary. It was the quick thinking of 10-year-old Ben that saved the baby's life, a couple of days before his first birthday.

"He was just having a snack, a piece of mango, and it got stuck and he choked," said the children's mother, Cina Doctoroff.

The baby's nanny alerted everyone in the home that Zachary was choking. Ben moved fast, calling police and giving the phone to another adult in the home.

While the adults were trying to save Zachary, Ben knew they needed more help, so he ran out the door, looking for his crossing guard.

"He didn't even have time to put his shoes on, he ran barefoot a couple of blocks away and told him that his brother was choking," Cina Doctoroff said.

Thankfully, help was already at the home — paramedics were able to dislodge the piece of mango, and little Zachary let out a loud cry.

"I was happy," Ben said.

After a trip to the emergency room, little Zachary was back at home, playing with his big brothers.

"There's a lot of love for this guy," Cina Doctoroff said.

Ben celebrated later that day by pitching in his baseball game.

"We won," he laughed.

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