12 Boston-Area Sandwiches You Need to Try Right Now

Sandwiches are the perfect food. They’re portable, and can be eaten on the go. At the same time, the best sandwiches are sumptuous and can cause massive cravings. Boston is full of great sandwich shops, some of which are little-known. Here are 12 delicious sandwiches you’ll want to try right away, chosen by Hidden Boston.

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The diet-busting stacked-bacon-and-triple-cheese burger at Cagney's in Quincy comes with cheddar, pepperjack, and gouda cheese.
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The Vietnamese “bahn mi” sandwich at Gaveston Café in Quincy comes with cold cuts, pickled carrots, cilantro, hot peppers, pickled daikon radish, and a dollop of pork pate. The ingredients are stuffed into a crispy French baguette.
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In Boston’s Beacon Hill, 75 Chestnut offers a char-grilled steak sandwich with cheddar cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, and a port wine sauce -- all on crunchy French bread.
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The hot Italian sub at DePasquale's at Night Caps Corner in Newton comes with a perfect mix of hot salami, pepperoni, hot capicola, banana peppers, provolone, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions -- all on a soft roll.
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The potato-and-egg sub at Avellino's in Medford comes with provolone cheese and is an old-school delight.
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The corned beef sandwich from Beantown Pastrami in the Boston Public Market is well worth the trip downtown.
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The steak-and-cheese sub from Bob’s Italian Foods in Medford will probably induce you into a nap shortly after eating it, but it’s worth it.
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The chopped brisket sandwich at CK Pearl in Essex comes with cheddar cheese, BBQ mayo, and pickled onion.
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The “Super Beef” at Skampa -- a Cambridge roast beef spot -- can be ordered "three-way" (sauce, cheese, and mayo), with a dinner option including fries, rings, or rice pilaf.
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The lobster roll from Sullivan’s is worth the trip to scenic Castle Island.
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The Victoria “torta” at La Victoria Taqueria in Arlington has a perfect mix of pork carnitas and ham.
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The open-faced roast beef sandwich Victoria's Diner in downtown Boston comes with demi-glaze and toasted Texas-style white bread.
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