$15,000 Worth of Birds Stolen from New Haven Pet Store

Police are investigating after several birds were stolen from a pet store in New Haven and the estimated combined value of the birds is nearly $15,000.

A newspaper delivery man called the police just before 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning when he saw that the door to the Worldwide Fish & Pets Store had been pried open and officers who responded found a door propped open by a piece of metal and feathers, according to police.

They then contacted the owner of the store who realized birds were missing, including parrots, conures and cockatoos, worth around $15,000 in all. The store owner says several items including cages were stolen, and that the total loss could be $30,000.

"I was numb. I was numb," said store owner Peter Sachs. "They took birds that I had hand-fed since they were little babies. I got them at three or four weeks old. I had them for a number of years."

The missing birds include a Scarlet Macaw worth $2,800, two blue and gold macaws worth $2,500 each, an African Grey worth $2,500, a Severas Macaw worth $1,400, two Grimson Belly Conures worth $550.00 each and an orange Sun Conure worth $349, according to police.

The store owner also said several cages, some containing several Cockatoos, were also stolen and they were worth $1,800.

Police said it’s possible a U-Haul truck was used to transport the birds and detectives are searching for surveillance footage from area businesses and traffic cameras.

As police search for the birds, their immediate concern is the proper care and environment for the birds.

"I'm not really worried about the money. I just want my birds to be okay," said Sachs. "Just take care of my birds. Don't let anything happen to them. Keep them warm. Feed them well. Take care of them as well as I did."

Anyone with information about the theft or where the birds are should call detectives at 203-946-6304. Police said calls can be made anonymously.

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