Car Crashes Into 2 Women in East Haven

A busy East Haven street was closed for more than an hour on Monday morning after a driver hit two women as they were trying to cross the road, according to police.

The two women, who are in their 30s, were just steps away from their home and were trying to cross Hemingway Avenue to get to a car carrier when a Ford Taurus struck them near Dodge Avenue, police said.

The women were knocked to the ground and the impact of the crash sent their shoes and socks flying from their feet, according to witnesses.

"I heard a big bang," Vera Ioveino, of East Haven, said. "They were both laying there. -- Her and her friend. --- And I ran out."

She said the driver sat in the car at first, then got out and asked if the women were OK.

The women could not move their legs, according to witnesses, and they were taken to the hospital to be treated for leg and hip injuries. 

The car involved has been towed from the scene and Hemingway Avenue was closed, but it has since reopened. 

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