2 Years Later, New Hampshire Family Reunites With Missing Dog

A beloved pet lost for two full years in the New Hampshire wilderness is back home with his family.

Dexter's story is hard to believe, even for those who know him best.

"I was in tears, there's no way," said Dexter's owner, Honi Drown. "I thought after two years, are you kidding?"

Back in 2014, Drown and her husband took their dogs Roxy and Dexter on vacation about an hour away from their Webster home. Dexter took off and nobody could find him.

"I was out there for months looking for him," Drown said. "For him to be gone was just devastating, like losing a child."

Dexter is terrified of thunderstorms and hates the snow, so after two full winters, the Drown's admit they had lost hope that Dexter was still alive.

"I never thought we would see him again, never," Drown said.

In August, in a shocking turn of events, Dexter was spotted in Greenfield State Park.

Volunteers with Granite State Dog Recovery set up traps and lured him with food. By Sunday morning, Dexter's 819-day journey though the New Hampshire wilderness was over.

"I just held onto him and it was like he never left," Drown said.

Drown says Dexter's smile is proof he's happy to be home, and his story should be a lesson for all of us.

"Never give up, always stay strong, and know anything is possible," Drown said.

The volunteers at Granite State Dog Recovery tell us it took a village to bring Dexter home.

To find out how you can help the non profit reunite the 157 missing dogs in New Hampshire with their owners, click here.

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