20 Cats Found at Fitchburg Home After Owner Died Ready for Adoption

MSPCA officials said the cats have been spayed, neutered and given vaccinations

Twenty cats that were rescued from a Fitchburg, Massachusetts home after their owner died last month have been given a clean bill of health and are ready to be adopted.

A total of 31 cats had been rescued April 17 by the MSPCA and were all suffering from upper respiratory and ear infections as well as dental issues. The MSPCA took in 20 of those cats while 11 were sent to a the Ahimsa Haven Animal Rescue in Templeton.

The cats at the MSPCA Methuen have been either spayed or neutered, given vaccinations, and had dental surgeries.

Rob Halpin, MSPCA Director of Public Relations, said a third of the cats are shy while a third can be described as "barn cats" — felines that would made friends with other barnyard animals.

"A handful of the cats are described as social," wrote Halpin. "They'll make excellent social and friendly house cats for individuals or families."

Anyone interested in adopting a cat can email methuenadoptions@mspca.org.

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