$20,000 in Equipment Stolen From Combat Veteran in New Hampshire

The scuba gear Joshua Adams depends on for work was taken from his car in Bow

A combat veteran struggling with life as a civilian finally finds joy in work as a commercial diver, only to have his critical equipment stolen on a job in New Hampshire.

“It’s frustrating,” said Joshua Adams of Vermont.

Last Thursday, Adams found his driver’s side window smashed and $20,000 worth of diving equipment gone.

“Immediately shock I guess is what it was,” Adams told NBC Boston.

Adams was parked at a hotel in Bow where he is staying while working on a job. As a commercial diver, what was stolen was everything Adams needs for work.

“It’s welding, it’s underwater construction,” he explained.

Adams says the work to him is far more than just a job.

“I had some dark days after the military and this has just been my light,” he said.

Adams served in the Marine Corps until 2010.

“I was an aircraft mechanic and crew chief,” he said.

After that – he admits life as a civilian wasn’t easy.

“It took me almost five years to dig deep and figure out what I wanted to do with my life,” Adams said.

He finally decided to turn his love for scuba diving into a career, using the GI Bill to get his commercial diving certification. And in just the last few months, the Vermont VA paid for his specialized equipment.

“And that’s kind of where I found my happiness,” he said.

So now, this combat vet who served our country is asking for simple thing in return.

“I just want my gear back,” Adams said. “So I can continue doing what I want to do and love to do.”

If the gear isn’t returned, Adams will have to stay above water until he can come up with the money to buy new equipment.

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