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3 Flight Attendants Injured by Turbulence During Avelo Airlines Flight From Tweed Airport

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Three flight attendants were injured after sudden turbulence on an Avelo Airlines flight that left Tweed-New Haven Airport Saturday afternoon.

An airline spokesperson said the flight attendants reported minor injuries.

Flight 357 took off from New Haven and was headed to Fort Myers, Florida. The spokesperson told NBC Connecticut that the turbulence was "caused by the wake of another larger aircraft at a cruising altitude of approximately 36,000 feet."

The incident caused the airplane to immediately drop 400 feet in altitude, according to the spokesperson.

The flight was temporarily diverted to Orlando International Airport where the crewmembers were evaluated and released by paramedics, according to the airline spokesperson.

The Avelo airline spokesperson said alternate flight attendants were assigned to the flight that transported travelers from Orlando to Fort Myers. No other injuries were reported by travelers or staff.

The Association of Flight Attendants, the union which represents the flight attendants on on the Avelo flight, released a statement on Monday.

"Our union is supporting the crew from Avelo Flight 357 in the aftermath of this incident where all Flight Attendants suffered injuries. We are grateful the plane landed without further incident," the statement read.

The union went on to remind passengers about the importance of wearing seatbelts at all times during a flight since turbulence is often hard to predict and can happen suddenly, without warning.

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