4 New Gadgets to Help You Reset and Stay Organized This Fall

It's never too late to hit the refresh button.

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Whether you are just heading back to school, making your way back into the office, or just finding yourself entering a new routine, things can get chaotic, which means clutter.

Lifestyle expert A.J. Hernandez stopped by The Hub Today with a few new items to consider incorporating into your daily routine if you are looking to get a little more organized as you settle into a new fall routine.

4 New Essential Items This Fall:

  1. The Bentgo Backpack:

    If you have a little one that just went back to school, or you want to give this Bentgo Backpack a go yourself, it is the perfect two-in-one bag and lunchbox. It's made of a super lightweight material and comes in numerous colors and playful patterns.
  2. The CrunchCup:

    If you're a breakfast connoisseur and a cereal lover then the CrunchCup was made for you. This portable cereal cup requires no bowl, no spoon, and has no mess; which is perfect for your on-the-go needs.
  3. The Self-Care Planner by Simple Self:

    We all need a little more structure in our lives. And, if you're trying to combine planning out your day while also prioritizing your mental health, this Self-Care Planner by Simple Self is just the way to find the perfect balance of both. With the ability to set goals and track progress this isn't just any old daily planner.
  4. Acrylic Desk Organizer Stand:

    When was the last time you refreshed your workspace? Has it been years? No need to worry. A.J. suggests that it can be as simple as reorganizing your desk at home with a chic and sleek Acrylic Desk Organizer that will do the trick. Having a clean and tidy work space is the key to helping transition out of vacation mode and back into a more productive mindset.
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