4 Students Banned Following Univ. of Hartford Attempted Robbery

University of Hartford officials said they have banned four students from campus at least temporarily after Thursday's armed robbery attempt.

Officials said the students face charges from Hartford police for possession of marijuana including the roommate of the victim in the crime.

The roommate appears to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time-- in his dorm room.

John Schmaltz of University Public Safety said, "The student who was actually robbed -- I think we believe his roommate may have been involved in the drug dealing aspect of it. I think he may be a true victim of circumstances."

Schmaltz said Hartford police are looking for the man who had the gun and his three accomplices, who left campus in a gold Chevy Malibu. He said the people they are after were guests invited onto the private campus.

Security here is being enhanced with the addition of police patrols, said Walter Harrison, president of the University of Hartford.

"We're gonna try to work quickly to as I said earlier to make students realize that it's not a good idea to allow people into residence halls they don't know," Harrison said.

As police rolled onto the campus Thursday afternoon, authorities told students to stay inside. They ended the lockdown after about 45 minutes. But students had to sign up in advance to receive lockdown alerts.

Andrew Ouellette, a junior, said, "Should definitely sign up for the alerts. I got the text pretty much immediately when it happened so I was made aware of the incident immediately. So everyone should totally get it."

There was a similar armed robbery attempt in the same dorm complex two weekends ago during the university's Spring Fling.

Police have been trying to determine whether there's a connection. Public safety officials on campus expect more arrests.

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