‘Spectacular' 404-Carat Diamond Unearthed in Angola

The world's 27th largest diamond could be worth $20 million Australian, or $14.3 million USD.

Miners have unearthed an impressive 404.2-carat diamond in the African country of Angola.

The diamond — discovered by the Lucapa Diamond Company of Australia in partnership with Angola's national diamond company, Endiama, and the privately owned Rosas e Petalas — could be worth more than $20 million in Australian currency, or $14.3 million USD, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

It's the 27th largest diamond ever discovered and the biggest to hail from Angola, one of the world's top diamond producers, Lucapa announced in a news release Monday. The "spectacular" gemstone measures about 7 cm long.

The second-largest Angola diamond, uncovered in 2007 and known as the "Angola Star," weighed in at 217.4 carats, Lucapa said.

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