4th Consecutive Nor’easter Unlikely Due to Bitter Cold

The prospect of a fourth nor'easter is looking less and less likely.

It's been an exhausting stretch over the last two weeks. The three nor'easters have reshaped our shoreline, dumped record amounts of snow and left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark for days. We need the break, and it appears we will get one.

The next coastal storm should be shoved south, thanks to a strong area of high pressure anchored over southern Canada. We will see a glancing blow. Rain and snow showers are possible mid-week. Gusty winds at the coast will also build some big waves, which could target the already vulnerable shoreline.

There is no significant warm-up in sight. The first day of spring is Tuesday and it looks rather chilly. Our exclusive 10-day forecast is only showing high temperatures in the mid and upper 40s by day 10. If you don't like snow, thankfully that strong March sun is helping the melting process – you can already see grass in some areas!

If you're keeping track of snowfall in Boston, Logan International Airport has received 57.2 inches so far this season! That's more than a foot and a half above average. Even though this next nor'easter appears to be a miss, we still have plenty of time to add to that total.

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