5 Videos That You Need to See: October 27, 2015

"Tonight Show"

What's everyone talking about today? Check out these 5 must see viral videos for October 27, 2015.

#1: This surely isn't a sight you see during your average commute to work. (VIDEO)

A man sat in a chair on a highway and read a newspaper as traffic remained at a standstill after a serious crash in Danvers, Massachusetts.

#2: The good news is that she wasn't hurt. (VIDEO)

A nun in Missouri is left shaken after she is caught in the path of three suspected serial shoplifters.

#3: The FBI has been asked to get involved after a body slam was caught on cell phone video. (VIDEO)

A South Carolina high school resource officer is off the job after a violent confrontation with a student.

#4: Oh, Jimmy! What will you think of next? (VIDEO)

Two researchers were shocked when a great white shark came too close for comfort Monday during their research excursion off Cape Cod in a caught-on-camera confrontation. Greg Skomal, a state biologist, got a full view of the predator’s frightening jaws as it breached the water and exposed its teeth to him. Skomal can be heard excitingly ask the boat’s driver if he had seen the wild encounter.

#5: Did you miss these movies in the theater? No worries. Catch them now. (VIDEO)

We'll be back with our next batch of must see videos on Wednesday. 

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