5 Viral Videos That You Need to See: October 14, 2015

NBC 5 News

From Halloween costumes set ablaze to bees terrorizing a neighborhood, you won't want to miss these top 5 viral videos making their rounds on social media platforms.

#1: The father of the bride managed to surprise everyone on her big day. 

A leukemia survivor who has endured extensive chemotherapy, survived a coma and is falling blind in one eye overcame another obstacle to give his daughter a wedding in Maine that she’ll never forget.

#2: Tens of thousands of Africanized or so called "killer" bees were living underneath the roof of a home. 

Thomas Grillo: Assembly Square project breaks ground, but where is the home-furnishings giant?

#3: Someone sprayed a rack of Halloween costumes with lighter fluid and set them on fire. 

A plan to build a 90-room hotel across from the Oxford Casino in Maine has taken a major step forward.

#4: A man accused of performing a sex act inside a church is being looked for. 

Police say a man broke into a Cambridge, Massachusetts, church and wore a priest’s robes for 45 minutes before stripping naked and performing a sexual act on the altar.

#5: Bernie Sanders offered perhaps the most memorable line of the first Democratic presidential debate. 

A Boston man charged with being behind the wheel of an SUV that struck and killed a young couple out for walk in the Back Bay in June pleaded guilty in court Friday.

Enjoy the day. We'll be back with our next batch of must see videos tomorrow.

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